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“Still Claiming The Mountain”

May 14, 2014

It was on the 25th of day March, the day after my last birthday that I read in my morning devotional guide a passage from Joshua 14, which talked about claiming the mountain of God’s promise. That passage excited my imagination, and I began to think of all the ways that we need to start to claim the mountains of promise that God has given to each of us. Again working on a sermon series along that line, I started preaching it the Sunday after Easter. It appears at this point that there will be a total of eight sermons in this series. When I finish today, we will be halfway through, having covered four of the eight messages.

The first sermon in the series was kind of a general introduction. Then I began to work through the seven steps that we must take in order to claim our mountains of promise. The first step is that: “We Must Follow After God’s Leading.” The second step is: “We Must Believe In God’s Word.” Today we will be looking at the third step which is: “We Must Rest Upon God’s Promises.” Then in the next four weeks, we will complete the series.

I do not think I did an adequate job of presenting last week’s message. I think I read too much. So, I would like to put in print today for your consideration the summary of the statement made in 1979 entitled “The Chicago Statement Of Biblical Inerrancy.”

 The statement that I am quoting here is from the hand of Paul Feinberg, longtime professor of systematic theology and philosophy at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His definition reads, “Inerrancy means that when all facts are known, the Scriptures in their original autographs and properly interpreted will be shown to be wholly true in everything that they affirm, whether that has to do with doctrine or morality or with the social, physical, or life sciences.”

The second statement that I quoted was from Dr. David S. Dockery, who just retired as the President of Union University in Jackson, TN. Dr. Dockery tweaked the inerrancy statement to read as follows: “When all the facts are known, the Bible (in its original writings) properly interpreted in light of which culture and communication means had developed by the time of its composition will be shown to be completely true (and therefore not false) in all that it affirms, to the degree of precision intended by the author, in all matters relating to God and His creation.”  

It is my intention to review the entire “Chicago Statement” and make it available to you either in part or in whole at a later date.

I cannot emphasize how important it is for you to secure a copy of Craig Blomberg’s book, “Can We Still Believe The Bible?” The reason I say this is because the Christian world view rises and falls on the Christian communities’ understanding of and use of the Holy Scriptures. We must arm ourselves with information that makes us relevant.      

In Christ,

This week’s message:

“Give Me This Mountain” Part 4
Joshua 14:12
Dr. Jimmy Latimer



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